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The Road to Recovery is certified by the State of Georgia Department of Community
Supervision (DCS) to provide the Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) O.C.G.A. 19-
13-10(6) in five judicial districts in the state of Georgia. The Georgia Commission on Family
Violence assists the Georgia Department of Community Supervision in training, certifying
and monitoring of all certified Family Violence

The Family Violence Intervention Program is designed to offer healthy alternatives to
abusive and violent patterns that may be present in family relationships and to aid in the
reduction and elimination of domestic violence in Georgia.

The Road to Recovery, Inc. utilizes the Duluth Model to provide an educational and
experiential approach, considering culture and traditional values in a manner that is useful
to all men, regardless of educational level, nationality, or social class. Men are able to
identify their old belief systems and re-learn a new belief system based on equality.

The process starts with an Intake Screening and Orientation Session, conducted in a
group or individual setting, which includes completion of all forms, releases, FVIP contracts,
enrollment reports, and Victim Liaison reports.

The Department of Community Supervision Rules and Regulations 125-4-9-.07. Program
Structure Requirements establishes the following:

  1. Programs must require each participant to attend a minimum of at least twenty-four
    (24) once a week group classes within 27 weeks.
  2. Classes must be at least ninety (90) minutes in length. Administrative duties,
    including taking attendance and collecting fees, are prohibited during the 90
    minutes of instruction time.
  3. Four absences must result in automatic termination from the program unless a leave
    of absence has been approved by the referral source and program in consultation
    with the victim liaison in advance of the fourth absence. Lateness is considered an

In compliance with the DCS Rules and Regulations the Road to Recovery provides
hour and thirty minutes of psycho-educational group time
and allows enough time for
administrative tasks such as taking attendance, questions from participants and weekly
check-ins including tolerance for participants who are not chronically late.

All of our FVIP groups are Gender Specific (Men Groups and Women Groups) in addition to
Culture and Language Specific (English Groups and Spanish Groups).

The Road to Recovery understands that a 24 week commitment requires you to decide on
the most convenient time when selecting a schedule and the best and most accessible
geographical locations to complete your FVIP. We provide Evening and Weekend groups,
including Sundays at our Forest Park location to help you make the best choices for you.

Flexible fee arrangements are available; individuals facing long-term financial difficulties
are assisted by referring them to resources available through publicly funded non-profit
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