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Our Clinical Team
Rocio D. Woody is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker
(LCSW), National Certified Addictions Counselor -
Advanced (NCAC-II), Master Addictions Counselor
(MAC), and Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS). Ms.
Woody is an exceptional clinician, highly regarded
for her outstanding level of care not only to her
patients but to her colleagues and the graduate
students under her supervision.

Road to Recovery prides itself in providing a licensed
and accredited professional clinical team with

credentials and education obtained in
colleges and universities in the United

All of our independent contractors are master level
therapists, either fully licensed and/or certified or
under licensed clinical supervision for
licensing/certification purposes. Our independent
contractors are required to meet our high standards
of accreditation and to be professionally insured. To
review our roster, click on the button below.
Since 1995, the Road to Recovery has been committed and dedicated to provide best
practices utilizing the highest quality of evidence based, innovative and comprehensive
prevention, education and treatment services in the areas of behavioral health and
substance use disorders. Our professionals are culturally and linguistically competent in
and Spanish.
"A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step"