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A comprehensive clinical evaluation conducted by a licensed mental health professional
with years of experience and approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration
Services (USCIS) can make a big difference in your case. An expert clinical evaluation can
help in cases such as Cancellation of Removal, Petitions to Remove Conditions on
Residence, Political Asylum, and even Applications for Naturalization when the individual
has been found to lack good moral character due to a substance or other mental health
related disorders. However, there are three types of cases in which an evaluation
indicating the presence of a mental condition is very likely to help your immigration case:
extreme hardship, domestic abuse and victims of crime.

The best immigration attorneys refer their clients to licensed mental health professionals
who are experienced in assessment of personality and mental health disorders and who
can provide professionally written reports and expert witness testimony on behalf of their
The best clinical evaluators have dual education, abroad and in the United
States, are fully licensed and legally able to emit a clinical diagnosis in the State of
An excellent clinical evaluator is culturally and linguistically competent and
possesses extensive experience working with immigrant populations from diverse cultural
and ethnic backgrounds.

Ms. Rocio Del Milagro Woody, (LCSW) is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Nationally Certified
Master Addictions Counselor and Adjunct Professor at Kennesaw State University in the
Master of Social Work Program. Ms. Woody completed four years of college education in
Lima, Peru before relocating to the United States. In Georgia, she completed her course
work for English for Foreign Students at Georgia Tech and she graduated with
Cum Laude
with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Master of Social Work degree
both the University of Georgia (UGA).

Ms. Woody is an expert on her field and she is recommended by most of the best
immigration law firms in the State of Georgia and in the United States. She has served on
the Unlicensed Practice of Law (UPL) District-4 Committee of the Georgia Supreme Court
from 2004-2010 (twice appointed) and she currently serves on the State-Wide UPL
Standing Committee of the Georgia Supreme Court. In 2013, she was appointed by
Governor Nathan Deal to serve on the State of Georgia Board of Corrections

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