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"A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step"  
The Road to Recovery provides highly specialized behavioral health services and programs
n the United States and abroad. Finding the most appropriate and professional behavioral
health services for an individual's specific needs can be a daunting task and we are here to
help you along the way. Our behavioral health clinical practice offers you affordability,
accessibility and also linguistically and culturally competent services.

We provide our programs and psychological services in English, Spanish and Portuguese
worldwide through interactive Telemedicine (Internet therapy) via Skype. We offer six
convenient locations, along public transportation routes, throughout the State of Georgia.
We are open weekends and evenings to accommodate your busy schedule. We have over
twenty-five years of experience and our professional fees are among the most competitive in
our field.

For assistance in finding the best Road to Recovery location and most convenient hours of
operation to serve your needs, complete our confidential online referral form or call Toll Free
1-866-950-5601 and we will help you find the facility that meets your needs and budget. If
you wish to make a referral from a social services agency (DFCS, DCS) or if you are a
member of the Court system (Courts, Probation, Parole) in the United States; please identify
yourself as such and complete the online referral form and one of our staff members will
assist you in no time.

We hope that our website will be useful to you as you learn more about our many programs
and services and about the Road to Recovery's commitment to excellence and
professionalism. Please, contact us today for a confidential appointment.
Our Premarital Education
Program (PEP) includes six
hours of instruction including:
conflict management,
communication skills,
financial responsibilities, child
and parenting responsibilities,
and extended family roles.
Contact us to schedule an
appointment to complete your
court requirements.
Part-Time &
Full-Time for any
of our six locations
email resume to:
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